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Daily Living Aids

Bending & Reaching


Grab Stick

Grab Stick

A useful gadget which comes in many different designs to help you either pick up items from floor level or to reach up and grab (light) items.

 Long Shoe Horn

Long Handled Shoe Horn

Can aid putting shoes on if you have difficulty bending

Elastic Shoe Laces

Elastic Shoe Laces

Can be helpful if you have difficulty with tie show laces or bending.

Sock Aid

Sock Aid You Tube

No need to bend to reach your feet - simply place your sock over the aid, drop onto the floor and pull your sock over your foot using the long tabs.


Soxon Stocking Aid You Tube

This will aid independently donning socks and compression stockings.

Jobst Stocking Aid

Jobst Stocking Aid You Tube

Device to assist pulling on vascular or compression stockings featuring a plastic coated frame with two side handles and foam grips.

Heel Guide Stocking Aid

Heel Guide Stocking Aid You Tube

Compression hosiery donning device with heel guide, extra wide cone shape and handles with multiple grip positions.

Etac Stocky Stocking Aid

Etac Compression Stocking Aid You Tube

Aid to assist putting on compression stockings. Comprises fabric strip which the stocking is fed onto, and then pulled up the leg with fabric tapes using one or two hands.

Dressing Stick

Dressing Stick You Tube

Can assist with donning shirts, jackets and pulling up trousers and underwear or removing socks.

Trouser Clip

Trouser Clip

Can be helpful to hold your trousers up via a shirt clip when donning trousers single handed.


Seat Belt Reacher

Seat Belt Reacher You Tube

A convenient handle for pulling your car seat belt. This is an ideal product for those people with arthritis, shoulder pain or limited mobility and just struggle to reach around and grab their seat belt. It attaches easily to your existing seat belt with no tools required.


Adjustable Hanging Basket

Adjustable Hanging Basket

Pull down for easy watering garden maintenance. 

Long Handled Garden Tools

Long Handled Garden Tools

Reduce the need for bending in the garden

Garden Kneeler

Garden Kneeler You Tube

Helps you to kneel comfortably whilst gardening.  Enables you to get up from a kneeling position more easily with a soft padded seat with supportive steep arms.  Helps to minimise back ache


Letter Box Catcher

Post Catcher

No more having to bend down to pick up your post!

Long Handled Door Wedge

Long Handled Door Wedge

Eliminates the need to bend when putting a door wedge in place

Long Handled Milk Bottle Holder

Long Handled Milk Bottle Holder

No more bending to pick up milk delivered to your door.

Over Furniture Table

Over Furniture Table

Such a table may help if you have difficulty holding items, eating or reaching to your side whilst sat in your armchair or bed.


Combination Microwave Oven

Combination Microwave Oven

Not able to bend down to the main oven or have difficulty with the weight of food? These worktop microwaves offer more cooking flexibility than a basic microwave. They combine microwave energy, a grill and convection heating (fanned hot air) functions so they can heat, roast, crisp and brown in the same way as a conventional oven.

Halogen Oven

Halogen Oven

Not able to bend down to the main oven or have difficulty with the weight of food? Halogen ovens are cheap table top cookers that claim to cook food faster and more efficiently than in your main oven.

Mini Oven

Mini Oven

Placed on a kitchen worktop, these ovens enable you to continue to roast or grill meals without the need to bend to a low oven. Some models also include a hob for saucepans.


Personal Care

Bio Bidet

A toilet seat that can be attached to most convenional toilets to enable a person to wash and blow-dry themselves while remaining seated after finishing on the toilet.

Bottom Wiper

Bottom Wiper You Tube

This equipment has a long handle and holds a length of toilet paper at one end to give extended reach. Bottom wipers are designed to assist independence in personal hygiene tasks after using the toilet particularly if you have reduced mobility in your arms or restricted reach. Different bottom wipers have a range of methods of securing and releasing the toilet paper.

Long Handled Hair Brush

Long Handled Hair Brush

For those who have limited ability to raise their arms

Long Handled sponge

Long Handled Sponge

With bendable handles, these allow a person to clean their entire body unassisted.

Shower Head Holder

Suction Holder Shower Cup

Holder allows the user to position the shower head to their own personal requirements.  No Need To drill, easy and quick to fix suction holder attaches to any clean tiled or enamelled flat non-porous surface in seconds. Strong suction cup holds the holder securely in place. Ideal to take when travelling. 


Long Handled Hair Brush

Long Handled Poop Scooper

Make cleaning up after your pet easier

Long Handled Pet Bowl

No Bend Pet Bowl

No more bending to have to re-fill your pet's bowls.

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