What Can I complain about?

We take all complaints seriously. If, as a customers of services from Pembrokeshire County Council, you are not happy with the way we've dealt with you, we want you to tell us so that we can, where possible, sort out the problems and provide a resolution.

You may want to complain if you think that:

  • we have not treated you fairly or politely
  • we have not done something we should have
  • we have done something we should not have done or
  • we have done something badly

However, a complaint is not:

  • the reporting of a fault, for example a broken street light, housing repair, or an allegation of an offence
  • a request for information or an explanation of a Council policy or practice
  • a matter where there is a statutory right of appeal or legal remedy (including an insurance claim)
  • a disagreement with the Council's policies
  • disagreement with a decision taken properly, i.e where there is no allegation of inappropriate matters being considered or
  • a disagreement with the application of enforcement regulations, i.e that you have received a formal notice.


ID: 510, revised 10/11/2023