Biodiversity and Ecosystem Resilience Duty 2022

Highlights, Key Outcomes and Issues

  • Across Authority collaboration enables for biodiversity action through awareness raising and encouraging early/full consultation with Conservation Team for PCC projects and services, which also supports cost savings and avoids delays to the project.
  • Notable or continuing negative impacts, Resources (staffing/funding) are considered barriers to fulfilling actions.  Funding which has been in three year cycles has provided some security (previous Enabling Natural Resources and Well-being funding for the Nature Partnership, plus the more recent Local Places for Nature programme). PCC, along with other local authorities continue with budget pressures and are seeking to make cost savings across the authority.  A lack of funds for projects/biodiversity actions and the staff resources required to manage and carry out these projects and actions is also an issue.
  • Conservation Team work closely with Property Tree Officer and Ash Die Back Team to continually assess tree condition/safety and consider safety works to trees with a retention of trunk where safe to do.
  • PCC have operated roadside verge cutting policy since 2013 to benefit spring flowering/seeding species similar to the current Plantlife proposals. Specific cutting regimes are implemented for verge reserves and with ongoing discussions with community/environment groups.

PCC Amenity Team are trialling a cut-and-collect approach using Grillo (see photo p13) to managing amenity green space at various sites in Haverfordwest with seed and plug planting creating areas of meadow alongside current mown amenity areas.

ID: 9519, revised 02/02/2023