Well-being plan for Pembrokeshire

Delivery and monitoring progress


The PSB needs the right organisations and people to be involved in order to deliver the actions we will set out in the Well-being Plan. Delivery arrangements will be designed to provide a direct line of accountability to the PSB by requiring individual PSB members to lead and sponsor specific work streams or projects.  Full details of our delivery mechanisms will be agreed over the next few months and be included in the final version of the Well-being Plan. Partners will work together to deliver project plans which set out the specific actions we will take to make a difference.  We will also retain flexibility within our delivery arrangements to allow ideas to develop over time and to enable us to react and respond to new challenges and emerging issues.


As part of the process for designing the delivery of work streams, we will identify the measures by which success will be monitored and the PSB will develop a performance management framework which will enable it to evaluate progress. 

Annual Report

PSBs are required to produce Annual Reports detailing the steps taken by the PSB to meet the objectives set out in the Well-being Plan. Copies of this report will be sent to Welsh Ministers, the Future Generations Commissioner, the Auditor General for Wales and Pembrokeshire County Council’s overview and scrutiny committee (see below).


The Council’s Partnerships Panel is responsible for providing democratic accountability and oversight of the work of the PSB. It can review or scrutinise the decisions made or action taken by the PSB, its governance arrangements, and request any individual PSB member to come before it to be scrutinised on the contribution a partner organisation is making to the work of the PSB.



ID: 9790, revised 05/05/2023