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Pride in Pembrokeshire Award

The Pride in Pembrokeshire award is a PSB initiative that recognises and celebrates the work of community groups whose work improves the well-being of people and communities in Pembrokeshire. The award is presented every other month to a voluntary group whose work has made a real difference to local people and communities.The winner will receive £200 and have their work featured in the Western Telegraph. 

You just need to tell us how you think your work contributes to improving the economic, social, cultural and/or environmental well-being of your community. You should describe the role of volunteers in helping to deliver your aims and also emphasise if your group demonstrates any of the following:

  • A collaborative approach - working with other groups or individuals to achieve the same goal
  • An integrated approach – the work the group performs creates an integrated service into the community
  • A preventative approach – The work aims to support and assist members of the community preventing poor mental health for example
  • A sustainable approach – The group conducts their work with both short and long term plans, taking into account factors such as volunteer supply and finance

The award is centred around the two well-being objectives identified in the Well-being Plan for Pembrokeshire which are Who we are and Where we live. Under these two broad objectives, we would like you to identify which of the four priorities your group contributes to:

Who we are

  • Living & Working - Groups involved with education and employment, assisting people in gaining new skills and qualifications to boost their employability and developing self-confidence and well-being though knowledge.
  •  Resourceful Communities - Pembrokeshire has an active community of volunteers and they make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of communities in Pembrokeshire and supporting the well-being of those around them. The group should foster a sense of citizen pride and purpose which actively supports individual and community well-being.

Where we live

  • Tackling Rurality - Groups bringing communities together in areas with reduced services and access. This could be creating community hubs to support isolated members of the community, offering assistance and tackling loneliness. 
  • Protecting our Environment -  Pembrokeshire is a beautiful county, with an outstanding and diverse natural environment. The group celebrates, enhances and aims to safeguard the natural environment, responding positively to climate change and supporting biodiversity.

Once the application form is completed, please send to: 

Vanessa John,

Third Sector Support Manager,

PAVS, 36/38 High Street,

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire 

SA61 2DA

or e-mail to 

Pride in Pembrokeshire Application Form

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