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Safer Pembrokeshire

Substance Misuse

Reducing the harmful effects of substance misuseis vital; the effects are far reaching and impact on children, young people, adults, families and entire communities. Although drug offences account for only 9.4% of recorded crime across Pembrokeshire, we know that drug users commit a large proportion of acquisitive crime (theft) in order to meet their drug needs. The harm caused by alcohol misuse is widespread; violent crime across the County continues to be linked to the night time economy with alcohol being a significant factor.

Safer Pembrokeshire is responsible for addressing substance misuse at a local level.  Each of the responsible authorities forming the Community Safety Partnership is committed to addressing the root causes of substance misuse, protecting our communities and giving support to those who most need it.  We endeavour to address the needs of our population across the whole spectrum, from preventing harm through to addressing the most complex needs both in young persons and adult services.

An increasing amount of investment to tackle the misuse of drugs and alcohol has been made locally through a wide range of services, including: 

•     Education and prevention projects for young persons and adults

•     Community based interventions for both drugs and alcohol misuse

•     Access to residential or inpatient treatment

•     Integrated Young Persons Substance Misuse Treatment Service

•     Assistance for individuals who have addressed their substance misuse to reintegrate into communities, education and employment

•     Tackling availability and protecting individuals and communities

•     One to One and Group Counseling sessions for Persons with Substance Misuse and Mild to Moderate Mental Health Issues

There is much exciting and innovative work being undertaken locally in order to work towards a Safer Pembrokeshire.  Future substance misuse priorities include:  

•     Intensive support service for young people and families where substance misuse is an identified and problematic issue

•     Specialist Midwifery Support for Vulnerable Families (Substance Misuse and Domestic Abuse)

•     Support for families and carers of substance misusers

•     Peer Mentoring Scheme which will increase the level of support available to substance misusers and support them towards economic independence through volunteer mentoring managed locally               

DAN 24-7 is a free and bilingual telephone drugs helpline providing a single point of contact for anyone in Wales wanting further information or help relating to drugs or alcohol. It is available anytime of the day or night on:  

0800 6335588 or


The helpline will assist individuals, their families, carers, and support workers within the drug and alcohol field to access appropriate local and regional services.

For further information please visit; Your health - substance misuse

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