Pembrokeshire Public Services Board: Annual Report 2021-22

Conclusion/Next steps

As a group that represents a wide range of organisations that all provide services to the public we are in a unique position to utilise our collective resources more effectively as we move forward into the next five-year Plan. As a Board we will continue to evolve over the next five years and will bring what we have learnt over the last five years into how we deliver and monitor progress on our next Plan.

In terms of delivery, the lessons we have learned from delivery of activity for our first Well-being Plan means that our aim is to be more realistic in terms of goals and actions for our next Plan, taking a ‘less is more’ approach to maximise our effectiveness within the resources that we have access to.  The pandemic has offered an opportunity to learn about our collective response and whether any of our new ways of working can be integrated into our long-term approach.

We will also aim to design a more robust approach to monitoring progress, which not only looks back on what we have done but also forward to where we want to be, ensuring that we are on track to deliver on our priorities. The relationships that have developed over the last five years will enable us to be more honest in our approach to tackling blockages than inhibit progress.  We will continue to involvemore people in our work whenever we can. Although the pandemic has made public engagement more challenging, we have utilised digital options as much as possible and will continue to approach our engagement activity with a ‘what works’ attitude as we move forward.

As our focus turns towards drafting the next Well-being Plan, our goal is to incorporate the learning and experiences from the last five years and to deliver a Plan that continues to focus on what really matters for the well-being of individuals and communities in Pembrokeshire.

ID: 9280, revised 04/11/2022