New Entrance Charge for Last Invasion Tapestry

A new £3 adult entrance fee to the Last Invasion Tapestry in Fishguard will be implemented from Monday 3rd October.

Situated in Fishguard Town Hall, the 100-foot long tapestry depicts the story of the French invasion of Britain at Strumble Head in 1797 – the last time Britain was invaded by another nation.

Entry remains free to those aged 17 and under. It is also free to anyone who presents a valid Pembrokeshire library card.

Tracey Johnson, Site Co-ordinator said: “It’s great that having a Pembrokeshire library card not only entitles you to use any library in the county, but also to visit the Tapestry for free. The team are very much looking forward to welcoming all visitors and library users alike”.

The entrance fee was agreed over two years ago by Pembrokeshire County Council (which administers the tapestry) and the Fishguard Invasion Centre Trust, but was not implemented due to Covid.

Julie Coggins, Chair of the Trust said: "The income will be used by the Trust for the marketing and promotion of the tapestry and for future Last Invasion commemorative projects and events.”

Mike Cavanagh, Head of Cultural, Leisure, Registration & Cultural Services added ‘Whilst we are proud to administer the Tapestry operationally, on behalf of the Trust, the running costs are very high, so this income will be most welcome in helping to offset these’.

Fishguard and Goodwick Town Council already contributes financially to the staffing of Fishguard Library each Friday, which allows the first floor of the Town Hall to remain open, when it would otherwise be closed. Both the Trust and Pembrokeshire County Council are very grateful for this continued support.

The entry charge will be piloted for one year, with a review at the end of September 2023.

·       This year marks the 225th anniversary of the Last Invasion of Britain at Fishguard and a number of activities have been held.

·       This includes an ongoing Genealogy project initiated by the Trust, with research into local family trees, going back to the time of the Last Invasion.

ID: 9121, revised 27/09/2022