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Eco Champion Trail

Eco Champion Trail #9 Yoghurt Pots, Tetrapaks & Batteries

Yoghurt Pots, Tetrapaks & Batteries

#9 Waste Yoghurt Pots, Tetra Packs & Batteries.

There are always a few items that people can’t be 100% sure about recycling….or at least they know that certain items CAN be recycled but they’re not sure if their local council collect them from the kerbside.

When new Kerbside collection measures begin in Pembrokeshire in October 2019, a number of these mysteries will hopefully be cleared up!

Tetrapaks which weren’t collected before, WILL now be collected by Pembrokeshire County Council. Tetrapaks are made from 70 to 90% paperboard which IS recyclable just like any other paper or card. The reason that Tetrapak cartons cannot be included with our normal paper recycling is the aluminium foil liner and polyethylene cap included with the carton. Tetrapaks will be collected along with plastics EVERY WEEK.

Yoghurt pots WILL also be collected along with other plastics EVERY WEEK (Be kind and wash them out first please – it also reduces nasty smells and contamination).

There are 660 million batteries bought each year in the UK…that's an average of 21 per household. Batteries contain elements that are extremely hazardous to both the environment and human health, and are able to permeate into the ground soil and water supplies when they are placed into landfill. Batteries WILL also be collected under the new Kerbside collection service. Leave them in the small bag that your council will provide.

Question #9: How many batteries does the average UK household buy each year?

Make a note of your answer and continue the Eco Champion Trail.

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