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Eco Champion Trail

Eco Champion Trail #6 Tins & Cans

Tins & Cans

#6 Tins & Cans.

In the UK, 24 million tons of aluminium is produced annually, 51,000 tonnes of which ends up as drinks cans and food tins.

Every day over 80 million food and drinks cans end up in landfill from the UK because they were not placed in recycling bins.

Aluminum and Steel cans are 100% recyclable, meaning each can you place in the recycling can end up back on the shelf within 60 days.

Pembrokeshire County Council provides every home with a box to store their tins and cans in and they collect them EVERY WEEK from your kerb-side before bulking them and sending them off to be recycled in Wales.

Tins & Cans Facts

·        Making 1 new can uses the same amount of energy it takes to recycle 20 drinks cans.

·        If all cans were recycled in the UK, we would need 14 million fewer dustbins.

·        We get through over 5 billion aluminium cans per year in the UK or 600 per household on average.

·        Aluminium cans are worth between 6 and 20 times more than any other material used in packaging.

·        UK consumers use around 12 billion cans each year and if they were lined-up, they could orbit the earth 30 times.

·        Around £36 million worth of aluminium is sent to landfill each year.

Question #6: How many aluminium cans does the average UK household use every year?

Make a note of your answer and continue the Eco Champion Trail.

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