Corporate Strategy 2023-2028

Good Governance

B1- We will build a culture of good governance in the Council to enhance trust and confidence in our decision-making processes

Self-assessment theme: Strategy and Performance; Leadership, Governance and Culture; Working with partners and customers.


  • In January 2021, Audit Wales published a Public Interest Report into deficiencies in our governance and decision-making relating to the departure of our former Chief Executive. Council has adopted an action plan to address Audit Wales’ recommendations and those contained within an internally commissioned review. The action plan is monitored by Governance and Audit Committee. Generally progress remains positive and a significant amount of officer time continues to be invested in delivering against the actions within the plan. It is also clear that some of the actions we have planned will take longer than first planned. 
  • Like other predominantly rural County Councils, formal engagement and participation by citizens in the election process remains below that of Welsh Councils as a whole. In the most recent local government elections in May 2022, 19 of our 59 Wards were uncontested. We have adopted a participation strategy that will help address this and widen participation more generally.

What we are going to do

  • Deliver our Corporate Governance Action Plan, keeping it under review so it remains relevant and focused on areas where improvement is required.
  • Strive to deliver a strong and effective, risk-aware (but not risk-averse) governance regime.
  • Support mutually respectful, constructive relationships across the Council.
  • Invest in developing and supporting Elected Members to achieve their potential to deliver the best of their communities.
  • Deliver our Participation Strategy adopted by Cabinet at its January 2023 meeting.
  • Undertake a Peer Panel Assessment before the end of 2026 to get an external perspective from local government practitioners on the extent to which we are meeting our performance requirements.
ID: 10915, revised 06/10/2023