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Total of all votes: 28457

Amroth and Saundersfoot North

List of results for the Amroth and Saundersfoot North area
Alec CormackWelsh Liberal Democrats46658.25%Elected
Tony BaronWelsh Conservatives25632.00%
Leigh McShaneWales Green Party789.75%

Total Votes: 800

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Boncath and Clydau

List of results for the Boncath and Clydau area
Iwan Stuart WardIndependent46452.13%Elected
Hedd HarriesPlaid Cymru42647.87%

Total Votes: 890

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Bro Gwaun

List of results for the Bro Gwaun area
Delme HarriesIndependent34052.31%Elected
Bob KilmisterWelsh Liberal Democrats31047.69%

Total Votes: 650

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List of results for the Burton area
Danny YoungWelsh Conservatives39961.76%Elected
Robin HowellsIndependent24738.24%

Total Votes: 646

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List of results for the Camrose area
Jamie AdamsIndependent53777.27%Elected
Julian RutterWelsh Labour15822.73%

Total Votes: 695

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Carew and Jeffreyston

List of results for the Carew and Jeffreyston area
Vanessa ThomasIndependent43360.39%Elected
James Harrison-AllenIndependent17324.13%
Peter Vincent EverallIndependent11115.48%

Total Votes: 717

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Crymych and Mynachlog-ddu

List of results for the Crymych and Mynachlog-ddu area
Shon Midway ReesIndependent56153.68%Elected
Cris TomosPlaid Cymru48446.32%

Total Votes: 1045

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Fishguard North East

List of results for the Fishguard North East area
Jordan Paul RyanWelsh Labour39958.94%Elected
Brian MurphyWelsh Conservatives27841.06%

Total Votes: 677

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List of results for the Goodwick area
Nicola GwynnWelsh Labour35447.07%Elected
Peter Martin JohnIndependent33945.08%
Lynn PorterWelsh Conservatives597.85%

Total Votes: 752

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Haverfordwest Castle

List of results for the Haverfordwest Castle area
Thomas Baden TudorWelsh Labour53177.97%Elected
Sue McKeemanWelsh Conservatives15022.03%

Total Votes: 681

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Haverfordwest Garth

List of results for the Haverfordwest Garth area
Anji TinleyIndependent31172.33%Elected
Jonathan TwiggWelsh Conservatives11927.67%

Total Votes: 430

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Haverfordwest Prendergast

List of results for the Haverfordwest Prendergast area
Andrew EdwardsWelsh Conservatives39158.62%Elected
Philippa Ann ThompsonLabour and Co-operative Party27641.38%

Total Votes: 667

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List of results for the Hundleton area
Steve AldermanIndependent34856.86%Elected
Julie Sharon CooperIndependent26443.14%

Total Votes: 612

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List of results for the Johnston area
Aled ThomasWelsh Conservatives22937.91%Elected
Daniel MetcalfWelsh Labour22637.42%
John William GrayIndependent14924.67%

Total Votes: 604

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Kilgetty and Begelly

List of results for the Kilgetty and Begelly area
Alistair Ronald CameronWelsh Liberal Democrats39752.17%Elected
Peter John James AdamsPlaid Cymru12216.03%
David John PughIndependent11515.11%
Paul WyattIndependent8511.17%
Chris EbreyIndependent283.68%
Gretta MarshallPropel Not Politics As Usual141.84%

Total Votes: 761

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Lampeter Velfrey

List of results for the Lampeter Velfrey area
David SimpsonIndependent35566.85%Elected
Lizzie LesnianskiWelsh Conservatives17633.15%

Total Votes: 531

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List of results for the Lamphey area
Tessa HodgsonIndependent46676.02%Elected
Josh CareyWelsh Conservatives14723.98%

Total Votes: 613

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List of results for the Llangwm area
Michael James JohnIndependent46653.26%Elected
Dave GoldingNo Party40946.74%

Total Votes: 875

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List of results for the Llanrhian area
Neil PriorIndependent67091.16%Elected
Rob SmithNo Party658.84%

Total Votes: 735

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List of results for the Maenclochog area
Simon Mark WrightIndependent50558.05%Elected
Hefin WynPlaid Cymru18821.61%
Ben LevyWelsh Labour17720.34%

Total Votes: 870

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Manorbier and Penally

List of results for the Manorbier and Penally area
Phill KidneyIndependent54075.95%Elected
Steve ThomasPlaid Cymru17124.05%

Total Votes: 711

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Milford Central

List of results for the Milford Central area
Terry DaviesIndependent14729.82%Elected
Anthony PowellWelsh Conservatives13527.38%
Tom SinclairIndependent10922.11%
Martin JonesIndependent10220.69%

Total Votes: 493

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Milford Hakin

List of results for the Milford Hakin area
Mike StoddartIndependent28648.72%Elected
Duncan Ritchie EdwardsIndependent17629.98%
Lee BridgesWelsh Conservatives12521.29%

Total Votes: 587

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Milford North

List of results for the Milford North area
Alan DennisonIndependent33352.94%Elected
Bill AbbottWelsh Conservatives29647.06%

Total Votes: 629

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Milford West

List of results for the Milford West area
Rhys SinnettPlaid Cymru32569.00%Elected
Stephen JosephIndependent14631.00%

Total Votes: 471

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Narberth Urban

List of results for the Narberth Urban area
Marc TierneyWelsh Labour51474.38%Elected
Victoria McAndrewIndependent17725.62%

Total Votes: 691

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Newport and Dinas

List of results for the Newport and Dinas area
Huw Thomas MurphyIndependent32538.37%Elected
Jano WilliamsIndependent27932.94%
Maya Rebecca DonnellyPlaid Cymru24328.69%

Total Votes: 847

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Pembroke Dock Bufferland

List of results for the Pembroke Dock Bufferland area
Michele WigginsNo Party24063.16%Elected
Gordon GoffNo Party7620.00%
Billy GannonIndependent6416.84%

Total Votes: 380

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Pembroke Dock Bush

List of results for the Pembroke Dock Bush area
Maureen BowenWelsh Labour17342.09%Elected
Sarah Jane HarveyIndependent15437.47%
Paul Haywood DowsonNo Party8420.44%

Total Votes: 411

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Pembroke Dock Central

List of results for the Pembroke Dock Central area
Joshua BeynonWelsh Labour37664.38%Elected
Rhian CowenWelsh Conservatives14825.34%
George Fredrick ManningNo Party6010.27%

Total Votes: 584

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Pembroke Monkton and St Mary South

List of results for the Pembroke Monkton and St Mary South area
Aaron CareyWelsh Conservatives36219.96%Elected
Jonathan GrimesWelsh Conservatives29316.15%Elected
David William EdwardsWelsh Labour26514.61%
Daphne Margaret Jane BushIndependent22712.51%
Jonathan NuttingNo Party21912.07%
Marcel Louis LavalWelsh Labour20111.08%
Reginald Thomas EbreyIndependent1598.77%
Lee HerringWelsh Liberal Democrats884.85%

Total Votes: 1814

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Pembroke St Mary North

List of results for the Pembroke St Mary North area
Jon HarveyIndependent40471.76%Elected
Deborah Carne WillcocksWelsh Conservatives15928.24%

Total Votes: 563

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Pembroke St Michael

List of results for the Pembroke St Michael area
Mel PhillipsNo Party41852.71%Elected
Aden BrinnWelsh Conservatives37547.29%

Total Votes: 793

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Saundersfoot South

List of results for the Saundersfoot South area
Chris WilliamsIndependent43264.00%Elected
Mike WainwrightIndependent15923.56%
James BishopWelsh Conservatives8412.44%

Total Votes: 675

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List of results for the Solva area
Mark CarterWelsh Conservatives38250.60%Elected
Joshua David PhillipsWelsh Labour37349.40%

Total Votes: 755

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St David's

List of results for the St David's area
Bethan PriceNo Party28337.38%Elected
David Gareth Beechey LloydIndependent25033.03%
Rachel HurdleyWelsh Labour18123.91%
Keith MissenWales Green Party435.68%

Total Votes: 757

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St Florence and St Mary Out Liberty

List of results for the St Florence and St Mary Out Liberty area
Rhys JordanWelsh Conservatives31556.55%Elected
Jon PrestonPlaid Cymru24243.45%

Total Votes: 557

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St Ishmael's

List of results for the St Ishmael's area
Reg OwensIndependent32635.24%Elected
Martyn James CheshireNo Party25627.68%
Claire Victoria GeorgeNo Party22724.54%
Janie HarwoodWales Green Party11612.54%

Total Votes: 925

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Tenby South

List of results for the Tenby South area
Sam Skyrme-BlackhallIndependent42758.02%Elected
Paul David RapiPlaid Cymru30941.98%

Total Votes: 736

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The Havens

List of results for the The Havens area
Peter MorganIndependent48658.77%Elected
Nick NeumannWelsh Conservatives34141.23%

Total Votes: 827

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Result of Uncontested Election


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