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Complaints Relating to Social Services

Any member of the public, including a child, who has received, or was entitled to receive a service from Social Services, may make a complaint.

You may make a complaint on behalf of someone else, where that person:

  • Is a child
  • Has requested you act on their behalf
  • Lacks capacity
  • Has died

This Compliments, Concerns & Complaints Factsheet explains how the Council will work with our Customers to resolve complaints.  Guidance from the Welsh Government tells us how we must do this.  The Compliments, Concerns and Complaints Policy provides further information and guidance.

For enquiries, please contact:

Amanda Davies on 01437 77 5503 or Richard Williams on 01437 77 6208

The Fair Processing Notice for Social Services Complaints details how we deal with the personal information you provide us during the complaint process.


The curent and previous Annual Social Services Complaints and Compliments Reports are available to view.

Social Services Complaints and Compliments Report 2016-17

Final Annual Complaint Report 2018

Social Services - Compliments & Complaints Annual Report 2018-19


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